Technology - the new Future Shock?

Date: 06/11/14
Time: 10:00am
Price: £358.80 (£299 + vat)
Venue: Institute of Directors
116 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5ED.
Tel: 020 7839 1233.

Technology has been a radical agent of change for most industries – and leasing is no exception. What though if the pace of change is about to accelerate and a diverse combination of radical innovation is about to transform the leasing industry and drive a whole set of new opportunities? How will the industry respond to both the threats to the existing business models that these innovations pose as well as realising the opportunities that they represent?


  • Setting the Scene - A new Industrial Revolution?

    Lord Mitchell of Hampstead , Member of the House of Lords

  • The "Internet of Things" and why it is important

    Anna Kuriakose , Chief Product Officer , Evrythng

  • New Face of Manufacturing

    Romain Kidd , CEO , iMakr Group

  • Where next? A technological view of the future

    Ian Foddering , Chief Technology Officer and Technical Director , Cisco, UK & Ireland

  • A Challenge for the Leasing Industry

    Andrew Denton , Chief Operating Officer , CHP Consulting



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