Andrew Denton Chief Operating Officer, CHP Consulting

Over 15 years, Andrew has been instrumental to the company’s global strategy and success, and joined the Board in 2003.

Andrew joined CHP from Schlumberger and earned his first project management appointment at Royscot Trust, implementing ALFA Systems, CHP’s flagship software platform for the leasing industry. This breakthrough project incorporated CHP’s first internet-based point-of-sale portal.

In 2000, Andrew moved into Sales and Marketing and was responsible for a series of key business wins, including CHP’s first European, Australian and US implementations at GE Capital Key Lease, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Textron Financial.

Since promotion to the board, Andrew has overseen the development of ALFA v5, a fully browser-based version of the ALFA platform written entirely in Java, and brought in many more major new clients. He is a keen advocate of modern methods and approaches, such as agile development, Lean Six Sigma and social media.

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