Sandy Neville Director EMEA Funding and Operations, EMC Europe

Sandy started in the leasing industry in the late 1980s with Parc Limited – the company that ran ICL’s customer financing programme. After a couple of mergers and moves, this became DRKW Programme Management where Sandy was the Funding Manager responsible for placing the ICL business with a panel of banks. In the mid 1990s, an opportunity arose to try more mainstream leasing with Société Générale. However, two years later Sandy was lured back to the Vendor side of the business by Hambros Bank. This sadly only lasted 6 months as Hambros was purchased by Société Générale! Sandy remained with the Vendor business of Société Générale and was responsible for managing their international programmes which, at the time, were Oracle, EMC and later Sun.

In early 2001, Sandy was given the opportunity to join a manufacturer and for the past 11 years he has managed the EMEA Funding relationships for EMC. The EMC financing business has grown in that time from $250m to an expectation of over $1bn in 2012.

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